This is an update. Well my daughter had her baby, Sebastian Michael, on Oct 23rd..So now I am a papuli...Boy am I feeling OLD... So they both are doing well now that the little scare is over....so,.now onto the update.

First: We are moving to Florida...we should be out of Nevada and down south around the 20th of December. We will be putting the new address up and phone number when we get down there. Now my e-mail contact will not change so you can always write until we get everything in place so feel free to write in at any time. 

Second: I will need to build a new studio so I will be "down" for about 45 to 60 days or so while that is happening which brings me to this:

I need a bit more money than I have on hand for the studio so I am having a sale...with a small difference. I am putting up the sale prices as usual however I will also take a best offer on any piece I have in stock. Just give me a call or drop me an e-mail and we can discuss the pieces...  I need to move ALOT of cutlery so I can get the new place built the way I want it. So please take a look..I am adding new pieces as fast as I can so if anything interests you by all means...let me know.

In closing..Thank you for your interest...