First I would like to wish a Merry Christmas to those that celebrate that Holiday as well as a  joyous Yalda to my fellow Zoroastrians..

Well all we ARE MOVING this weekend (the weekend of the 23rd) and we should be ion our new location a few days after that. I will be out of the loop as far as telephone communication goes however I will, if able, be checking my e-mail during the trip if we can find a wi-fi spot.

I wish to thank everyone who took advantage of my sale...I do have  a few more items that will be listed on this site around the first of the year that will include: 5 high carbon swords, one KILLER pattern welded Bastard sword, as well as the LAST of the Japanese prototypes that I did for book IV.

Speaking of books...My first three are back in print as of Jan 01 2018...I will be posting contact information on those after the first of the year.

So..we are off for an adventure...I still have to build a studio and that will take a bit of time and well..I will be  posting as things progress. THANK YOO ALL ONCE AGAIN!!