The Books…

Jim has authored the three best selling books in Bladesmithing History and is close to finishing up his fourth one!

These books are available from and all are currently in print but will be out of print on 31 Dec, 2017 They may also be available from other sources as well but Paladin Press is the best source (they are Jim's publisher) until then. We are currently speaking with another publishing house to keep these books available. More on this as the talks progress.

“The Complete Bladesmith” Is Jim’s first book that covers the basics that you will need to know from how to choose the right tools and materials to proper working techniques up to the final fit and finish.. It even has a section on pattern welding. This book covers it all and will get you started and will be helpful for many years to come.

“The Master Bladesmith” is Jim’s second book and it is the second step in bladesmithing. More great information is covered as well as more complicated forgings and more information on swords and spears. This book is NOT for those that are just starting out,.. rather this is a continuation of the processes that were started in book one: “The Complete Bladesmith”

“The Pattern Welded Blade” is Jim’s third book and it is the first book ever published that deals with pattern welding steels and irons exclusively. IN DEPTH information on welding techniques, steel and alloy choices and pattern development is all in here. Also covered proper heat treating and finishing techniques to bring out the beauty in the steel .

All in all these three books have been called the “Trinity of Bladesmithing” and they reflect decades of research and experience. We are sure you will enjoy the read.