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Item No. 08 is a very NICE Stiletto in my "Thumbprint" pattern with a blackened Bovine Ivory grip. the hand forged double edged blade is 9" in length and 7/8" wide. welded from 1095 and L-6 steels this wicked  blade has a one piece blackened "Bovine Ivory" grip. File worked phosphor bronze bolster, pommel plate and grip studs.

With an overall length of 14 1/4" this one is a classic and ready to go! Black sheath.

Priced at $925.00

NOTE: This would make a get set with No 23 above. If interested in both please contact me for the combined price..or make me and offer!

Item No 09 is a drop dead GORGEOUS  Pattern Welded Bastard/Long sword with a 39 1/4" long double edged blade welded in my "Hugs and Kisses" pattern from a mix of 1070/L-6 and a smattering of meteoric iron...It has a single 2/3 blade length fuller on each side of the blade. This is a very impressive sword!

 The pattern just "jumps up off" of the blade and shows excellent contrast and control.

 The grip is a Chevron pattern bronze wire wrapping and the one piece 1/4 basket guard and scent stopper pommel are black iron. Grip length is 9 1/2"

 This is a very NICE sword and feels quite solid and impressive in hand. Easy to wield in one or both hands, this sword has a OAL of 49". As I said a vey impressive sword!! Black sheath.

Priced at $3275.00






Item no. 10 is a very nice hand forged longsword with a 345" long x 1 1/2" wide 5160 double edged blade. There is a single 3/4 blade length fuller on each side. This is a very nice sword, with a great feel and solid in hand.

The grip is bronze chevron wire wrapped and the fittings are blade iron. The grip length is 6 3/4"

A beautiful sword, ready to go with an OAL of 43 1/2". Black leather sheath.  

Priced at $650.00




Item No 11 is a 5160 high carbon steel Longsword. The blade is 32" in length and 1 1/2" wide at the guard. It is hand forged. A very nice sword.


The grip is bronze wire wrapped and is 6" in length. Feels wonderful in the hand.....solid yet responsive.

The guard and pommel are black iron, and the one has an OAL of 39 1/2". Black sheath. This is a very elegant sword.

Priced at $625.00

(One of my last "Nevada Blades")

Item No 14 is another one of my mosts popular sword "Valkyrie" series..This sword has a hand forged 5160 high carbon steel blade,  31 1/4" in length. This is a very stout sword..solid and yet very responsive. Gives great point.

The grip is 6" in length and is bronze wire wrapped in a "chevron" pattern. The hand forged guard and pommel are in black iron.

This is a very elegant sword indeed. OAL of 39 3/4". Black sheath, OAL of 39 3/4"

Priced at $650.00

(Note: This is one of the last "Nevada Blades")