To all of you who wrote in and sent their condolences and support after our recent loss..  We wish to say THANK YOU for your understanding and support. Things are still a mess and we are working our way slowly through everything but there is still a small mountain of things that need to be addressed...However we are making some headway..as slow as it is it is still progress..

Update: We are back at it..granted for a limited amount of time each day but I am back to work  as much as I can while dealing with this  (the aftermath is  still taking a sizable amount of time) yet I am getting some items done so keep looking as see what is new.

Which brings us to this: I just posted two more pieces..one a pattern welded dagger and the other  a  Gen II Dai-sho  (I have two numbers left in my series after this set)

This set is listed in my Japanese Style Blade Section and is ready to go..  So take a look..It is a gorgeous set..

So stay tuned for new items as they are finished and once again.. THANK YOU to all for your understanding and support...