It has been a while since we had an update and several things have transpired.. So here we go...

First: Neck surgery.. Seems that I had a couple of shell fragments working their way out of my neck pretty much since I got them in 2004  on my last deployment with the 324th.  This has been bothering me off and on for about 4 to 5 years and finally I had enough and went in..They dug them out.. sutured me up and sent me on my merry way.. Healed up no problems and I can actually move my head without feeling something  odd "in there" moving around in my neck.

Second: PayPal. Well..it seems that we here at Salamander Armoury are making and selling illegal, deadly weapons and PayPal doesn't like that so they closed not only my personal account, but my business account as well Sue's..Doesn't matter that there are over 140 THOUSAND sword, dagger and various knife  auctions on eBay that accept PayPal as a payment method..yet I am not allowed to due to the fact that I am selling "illegal, dangerous weapons".. I have no idea as to why we were singled out but we no longer accept PayPal. Now I am not taking this sitting down and I am fighting this..I am just starting to becoming a thorn in their arse over this...We are no where near done..

Now..we have signed up with Google Pay, and that is now active and this information will be on out payment pages shortly..  Which brings us to this:


Since I am working on the final phases of book IV I have finished up several more Japanese inspired pieces..4 tanto and a wicked little  Naginata blade that will be posted sometime in the next 36 to 48 hours along with two more pieces of pattern welded materials.. These are really NICE so please take a look and see what we are putting up. I will be posting here when they are in fact available..So pleases check back..

In closing, THANK YOU for dropping by and for your continued support.. We here at Salamander Armoury greatly appreciate the patronage.

Thank you once again...