Hello!!  An update!

As of now, we are having our annual Memorial Day Sale. Prices are discounted  and I just added one more pattern welded dagger to our in stock pages. Pease take a look at see.

Other News: We have tried to keep this quiet  that my health/physical condition hasn't been that great the last few months. That has  slowly been changing. I am in the last days of some heavy anti-biotics to knock out this stubborn infection that has been hanging on here  for way too long. I am starting to "come around" and respond to this last med now and hopefully I will be able to go back to work here in the very near future.  Needless to say things have piled up a bit and well..as soon as I can I will be back out there full time and get these pieces that you fine folks have ordered out the door. I want to thank you all for your patience ..It is GREATLT appreciated!  THANK YOU

Also..look for another announcement tomorrow in regards to something I am going to try as far as the website goes..I am quite certain you will find it interesting.

THANK YOU once again!