Update on Sue:

She is doing a bit better but she is still in the hospital and there are no immediate plans for her discharge as yet.  This whole thing is very stressful and well I am spending as much time there with her as I can. She has been in there almost a full month. There are many, many questions I would like to have answered and yet for some reason her Doctor refuses to even speak with me after numerous requests for him to do so. This is NOT good at all..but this discussion is for another time.. 

Sue is still a bit confused at times but hopefully this will lessen as time passes. I just want her home and healthy. Her birthday is coming up on the 13th of this month and I really hope she doesn't have to spend it in the damn hospital..

Other news: or coffers are about empty. Between my getting that damn infection and now Sue laid low with a broken leg things here have been slow production wise. On Sunday, July 09. 2023 I will be placing everything on sale with dramatically reduced prices. This sale will run 5 days. I will also be adding 4 more Japanese swords that I finished for book IV as well as 6 sgain dubh boot knives. I will post here once everything is photographed and listed on this sitey

All in all I wish to say THANK YOU to all of you who have sent in well wishes and expressed concern about Sue. It is so greatly appreciated.

In closing thank you...thank you very, very much