An update on Sue..She has been moved into an extended stay facility due to the fact that she needs a good deal of physical therapy. She can no longer stand or walk. I do not know what happened to her when she broke her leg but the orthopaedic surgeon said she should of been up and walking a few steps on the first day after surgery. Instead she was in ICU for almost a month and a half. Now she is fading and I do not know what to do other than wait and see...So that is what I am doing. Thankfully our son Nick is helping out around here as much as he can, and that is a great help..

Other things: I am spending as much time as I can with Sue cause I do not know how much time I will have with her. Sounds a bit morbid and gloomy I know... I am able to get a small amount of work done and Nick is helping a bit but he doesn't have the touch or skill levels yet. I am still recovering from my own health problems with that  damn infection that laid me low and I am not able to do much of anything as far as big pieces go as yet, but I am working away at them bit by bit.

The sale is still ongoing, and I am grateful to those that are taking advantage of it. I will be posting several Crucible Damask pieces in the next few days. These were done for the "Wootz" section on book IV and they are very different and quite nice (so far anyway..we still have to do the grips) so I will be doing an update when they are posted. This material IS the "original crucible steel".. It takes a good deal of heat and time at temperature to get this  steel to turn out properly and well..It is a very interesting material to work with.

In closing I would like to thank everyone who has called or written in expressing their concerns about Sue. All the prayers and well wishes mean a LOT..THANK YOU.

Stay safe  and more will be coming.

THANK YOU all once again.