We are currently working on three more Katana.. These were made for illustration purposes for book IV.. These should be done this weekend if the lacquer dries. As soon as they are done they will be posted under my Japanese Blades page.

EMERGENCY Flash Sale.. We are getting hammered with medical bills and due to this fact we will be reducing all of the Japanese  blade we have in stock will be further reduced... As for when this sale goes into effect depends upon when the lacquer hardens on the three new pieces. The length of this dale has yet to be determined but it will be posted once the pieces are up on this site. This will be an excellent chance to get one of my pieces at an unheard of price...and this will also give us some breathing room as they say..  We will post it here when everything goes into effect.

Thank you all for your letters of support and well wishes.. They are greatly appreciated.  THANK YOU!!