Update!  Just posted two new pattern welded Arming swords on my "In Stock" pages. Please take a look.. In the next day or two I will be posting two more pieces..One of which is one of the last 4  of my Japanese blades in my limited series. I found a blade that was put away 3/4 the way done so I just finished it up and is it GORGEOUS. It's a Gen II (1070 outer with a mild steel/soft iron core).  So if you get a chance take a look

What is in the works: AXES! Throwing axes are almost done and spears will follow as soon as the browning is complete. I will post a notice when they are up and ready to go.. In the que..Pattern welded daggers along with two of my limited edition "Dark Age" pattern welded swords...along with  a few other fun things.. So please drop by and see what's new!

Thank you for your time..