An update!! This fall I enter my 50th year in Bladesmithing! What a ride it has been so far...and I wish to thank all that have supported me over the years and well..I am not planning on quitting any time soon so here's to whatever the future may hold!!

Which brings us to this: NEW ITEMS!

Finally I am up and running and the first few "Florida Made" blades are up and available on my in stock pages. These are NICE pieces and honestly..I am feeling it as far as the down time I had moving and building our new studio... However these blades turned out GREAT even though they did take a bit longer to make than usual thanks to my being a bit "rusty". Worry not..I am well on the way to bouncing back to my usual cantankerous self..  So take a peak and see what's new/// More blades are on the way....

As always if you have any questions, or wish any additional photos, simply ask..I will do my best to address your inquiries.. 

THANK YOU ALL for 50 years of adventure...