I am back from Nevada with most of my equipment..My heavier machines..Ie, my power hammer and fly press I will have to truck down here via commercial freight...The majority of the other tools and equipment are here and I am in the process of setting up..

However..during the time that the equipment was stored..I lost a good bit thanks to thieves.. Mostly materials but also some tooling such as my bench mill..roll away tool boxes (full of wrenches and sockets and the like...) as well as a few other things like my most of my bronze/copper and German silver  barstock..stuff a scrapper could make use of..this hit hurts but all I can do is regroup and KBO..

Which leads us to this.. I need cash..to the tune of $2500.00 and I am yet again lowering my prices.. I have a handful of pieces left and I need to move these as soon as I can so if you are interested..please contact me...If I can not come up with these funds I am pretty much sunk. These funds will hold me over until I can get the first run of new items done and ready to deliver.. If these funds do not come in...I will probably have to close my doors...

My go fund me page is still active so please spread it around...I can really use the help..


Anything will help...so if a piece that I have left interests you...by all means feel free to contact me..

More as things progress...

Thank you for your time..