An update in regards to Sue..She has has an MRI, CT scan and an ultrasound ..We are still waiting to hear the results of those tests. Her wounds are infected but they are working on getting that knocked down as she is on serious anti-biotics. She is still confused and her Ca level is 4 times higher than it should be  and her K level is extremely low..low enough that it  can easily affect her heart beat. The Drs are doing the best they can to get these back to normal, especially her K levels. As far as her leg goes..once the infection is knocked out the wound care Drs  said it should start to heal once again and then we can focus on getting her walking and then home. We are still hoping that she will respond to the medications and stop the hallucinations. At least she has come around but then she slips back. Very unsettling.

As it is I am spending as much time as I can with her. Our son Nick has been a great help and support. He helps as much as he can but he does have his own things he needs to do, which is completely understandable but he is still a great help. 

If there are any changes I will post another update. I wish to thank everyone who has written in. THANK YOU all..the thoughts and prayers are greatly apprecaiated.

THANK YOU ALL once again.