A lot has happened since the last update..some good...some not so good. Sue had yet another raging infection in her leg. The Drs did manage to finally knock it down after removing some necrotic tissue that was in the wound causing the infection. The wounds inn her left leg still have not healed and are still open. Sue does have a wound pump and that is helping a bit but not as much as we would like. There has been mention of hyperbaric oxygen as this would greatly aid the healing in her leg. We will find out more about that in the next few days. It seems that for every two steps forward we get knocked back a  step and a half. I will keep doing updates on her condition as things progress.

As far as production goes. I am still spending as much time with Sue as I can however I am finally into the last of my back orders so these will be out the door in the next few weeks if things progress the way they have been..very slowly.. I wish to thank everyone for the support and understanding.. Sue and I greatly appreciate that.

Thank you all..