Update for Saturday, 10 Feb 2023:


Jim is home and recovering from emergency surgery to correct the blockage that was causing all the infections. He was going into kidney failure and toxic shock but the drs caught it before any real damage was done.

He is home and under light duty restrictions. this mean no heavy lifting over 20 pouns..no excessive bending ..etc. So he will be doing alot of hand work and grinding as well as working on book IV.

However since he been out of work for close to 5 months, our coffers are bare. we are placing lower prices on the two remaining pieces to help us out of this dire situation until Jim can finish up some already forged pieces as well as get some back orders finally out so if you could help us out and acquire one of the last two..that will be a great help.

He will be finishing up another book katana as all that remains there is the final hand polish and hilting. This will be listed when iot is done late next week or so.

It's been rough but he is feeling much better. Now if he listens to the Drs..that is another thig. But he is home and back to work on  a limited basis.