I am sorry for being so tardy in posting this..but due to one of our crew needing emergency surgery, I simply didn't have the time to get this posted..but she is doing great and is recovering quite nicely..So here is the sword..It is currently up on  my In Stock pages under my Japanese Blades..


This one is GORGEOUS and all ready to go!!  So please take a look and see..  

THANK YOU for you time and interest.



An update! The last two Japanese styled swords lasted a whole 45 minutes..and here is a heads up.. in the next 24 to 48 hours I will be posting another Book IV prototype..this is a gorgeous sword..I will be posting photos here once it is posted to my Japanese Sword section....

So keep checking in.It is a beautiful sword...

Thank you for your interest in us here at Salamander Armoury




Well..it looks like the  "COVID Blockade" is starting to lift a bit now that our Florida Governor  has lifted all restrictions and more states are starting to do the same as well as international flights are returning. This means  I can get back up and running here in the next few weeks..More as things progress..which brings us to this:

Sometime in the next 24 to 48 hours depending upon how the lacquer work is drying I will be posting two more of my Japanese swords..these both are Hamon prototypes for my 4th book...and are marked as such on the nakago. These are gorgeous blades...I do not feel that these will last long once listed...so keep looking and I will post here when they are listed.

In closing..THANK YOU all for the support and the interest!!



As mentioned in my previous update..that prototype Katana is now posted under my Japanese Blade section.. It is up and ready to go!! It is a beautiful sword..


As for more update..I am slowly starting to get supplies and materials in that I ordered before ll this virus fiasco started but it is still very slow going. I am finishing up what I can with the materials I have on hand but I still have to be a bit thrifty with them cause when  I run out I have no idea how long it will take for the new stuff to arrive. So please check back and see what I have done..

In closing...thank you all for the continued interest and support.. It is appreciated greatly..



To all of you who wrote in and sent their condolences and support after our recent loss..  We wish to say THANK YOU for your understanding and support. Things are still a mess and we are working our way slowly through everything but there is still a small mountain of things that need to be addressed...However we are making some headway..as slow as it is it is still progress..

Update: We are back at it..granted for a limited amount of time each day but I am back to work  as much as I can while dealing with this  (the aftermath is  still taking a sizable amount of time) yet I am getting some items done so keep looking as see what is new.

Which brings us to this: I just posted two more pieces..one a pattern welded dagger and the other  a  Gen II Dai-sho  (I have two numbers left in my series after this set)

This set is listed in my Japanese Style Blade Section and is ready to go..  So take a look..It is a gorgeous set..

So stay tuned for new items as they are finished and once again.. THANK YOU to all for your understanding and support...