2022 New Year Sale is now ON!!

The 2022 sale is now active and will run into  1800hrs EST on Sunday, Jan. 09 2022 .

Everything is sale priced and I just posted 9 Japanese style blades that I made for inclusion in my 4th book

So take a look and see what is new.. As always, if you have any questions, or if you would like to acquire a piece during this sale, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you for the continued interest  in our work here at Salamander Armoury!

Happy 2022 to all!!




It has been awhile since we had an update, and well it has been one Hell of a ride.. Surgeries, infections, breathing problems and a few more things that popped up and well...now that those have been vanquished I am now more or less back to work although at a limited capacity for the next little while...But I am back!! Which brings us to this:

What's coming:  I have 6y book IV katanas and 3 Book IV tantos that will be posted in the next 48 hours.. just in time for my 2022 New Year Sale!!  The sale is scheduled to start on Sunday, Jan 02 2021 at 1600hrs Eastern Time and will run until 1800hrs on Sunday Jan 9, 2022.  These  new pieces are simply GORGEOUS and are extremely sharp and ready to go..I will be posting again here when they are up on my In Stock pages and then again right when the sale starts.  So check back and see...

As far as 2021 goes I am happy..no delighted that it is OVER!! 2022 has got to be better..So here's to the end of 2021 and good riddance!! 

In closing.. Happy 2022!!




As mentioned in my last update, the new pieces are up and available on my In Stock pages.  Here is a peek:

A wicked little naginata blade and:

A very elegant Tanto!

I also added several new pieces to my "Weird and Wonderful" section as well..so please take a peek and see what is new! We will be adding more pieces as they are finished. As always if you have any questions or would like additional photos, by all means feel free to ask!

Thank you for your interest and support.. It is greatly appreciated.





It has been a while since we had an update and several things have transpired.. So here we go...

First: Neck surgery.. Seems that I had a couple of shell fragments working their way out of my neck pretty much since I got them in 2004  on my last deployment with the 324th.  This has been bothering me off and on for about 4 to 5 years and finally I had enough and went in..They dug them out.. sutured me up and sent me on my merry way.. Healed up no problems and I can actually move my head without feeling something  odd "in there" moving around in my neck.

Second: PayPal. Well..it seems that we here at Salamander Armoury are making and selling illegal, deadly weapons and PayPal doesn't like that so they closed not only my personal account, but my business account as well Sue's..Doesn't matter that there are over 140 THOUSAND sword, dagger and various knife  auctions on eBay that accept PayPal as a payment method..yet I am not allowed to due to the fact that I am selling "illegal, dangerous weapons".. I have no idea as to why we were singled out but we no longer accept PayPal. Now I am not taking this sitting down and I am fighting this..I am just starting to becoming a thorn in their arse over this...We are no where near done..

Now..we have signed up with Google Pay, and that is now active and this information will be on out payment pages shortly..  Which brings us to this:


Since I am working on the final phases of book IV I have finished up several more Japanese inspired pieces..4 tanto and a wicked little  Naginata blade that will be posted sometime in the next 36 to 48 hours along with two more pieces of pattern welded materials.. These are really NICE so please take a look and see what we are putting up. I will be posting here when they are in fact available..So pleases check back..

In closing, THANK YOU for dropping by and for your continued support.. We here at Salamander Armoury greatly appreciate the patronage.

Thank you once again...



I just posted the Gen-II Book prototype to my Japanese Blade pages.. So please go take a peek and see..here is a preview!

News!!  After close to 3 years of fighting with Pasco County I managed to finally get the OK/approval to set up my bluing operation. What a mess..This whole fiasco was due to a typo that was made when they entered my information.. Instead of 3.5 gallons of bluing salts they wrote down 3500 gallons!! No wonder why they wouldn't OK me! However the mistake was corrected and I will once again be making more black iron mounted swords and daggers..I am already started on those as you read this.

So take a look at the new items and if you have any questions by all means feel free to ask!

Thank you for your interest in us here at Salamander Armoury!!